What’s new in We-Connect 2.0

Sign-up process:

The user can create a We-connect account using an email address instead of using LinkedIn credentials. Once the account is created a user can link any LinkedIn profiles(s).

Advantage: A user can create an account and then add as many client’s LinkedIn profiles to manage. Agency administrators need not add their own profile if not required and save $49/month for the admin seat.

Team Management:

The account owner can add team members and give them the following permissions-based access:

  1. Read Only

  2. Full Access

  3. Read-only to specific LinkedIn accounts

  4. Full access to specific LinkedIn accounts


The account owner need not share their personal LinkedIn login credentials with the team members or virtual assistants.

If required, the account owner can give read-only access to team members or clients and prevent unintended or accidental changes.

Agencies managing a large number of clients can assign team members to manage specific accounts with read-only or full access as desired.

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