You can now use our API endpoints to sync data. You can sync data from We-Connect to any other apps. API endpoints work differently and require some technical expertise to set up.

Read the API documentation and use the API keys to integrate the following data with other third-party apps.

  1. Get Account details: Get basic details about the We-Connect account and push it to your app.

  2. Import contacts into a campaign - Push contacts from your third-party app directly into a We-Connect campaign. This can be very useful if you want to push contact directly from your CRM to a We-Connect Campaign.

  3. Get Campaigns - List of campaigns with details, stats, and contacts schema.

  4. Get connections: Sync your LinkedIn connections with your app.

  5. Get Contacts with Emails: Sync contacts when an email is captured.

  6. Get Follow-ups: Sync all contacts marked as “follow-up” in We-Connect with your app.

  7. Get Leads: Sync all contacts marked a “lead” in We-Connect with your app.

  8. Get Notes: Sync all contact “notes” in We-Connect with your app.

  9. Get Tagged: Sync all “tags” in We-Connect with your app.

  10. Get Replies: Sync all replies in We-Connect with your app.

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