How do I find if a contact exists in another campaign?

We-Connect automatically suppresses a contact from the invite campaign if the same contact is present in another invite campaign. Similarly, a contact from “message 1st connection” campaign is also suppressed if you checked the box, “Exclude if a contact is already present on another campaign”

Duplicate contact is not suppressed in certain situations. Example.

  1. “Visit campaign” and “invite campaign”.

  2. “Endorse campaign” and “message 1st connection campaign”.

We-Connect displays a duplicate icon against the names of all such duplicate contacts so that you can easily identify the duplicate contacts. You can also see the campaign name by hovering your mouse over the duplicate icon.

From your campaign manager, click on the campaign name and you will be redirected to the campaign overview page. Go to the contacts tab if you want to view the duplicate contacts.

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