1. Stop a campaign.

When you stop an active campaign, all campaign activities stop. For example, if you stop an “Invite New Connections” campaign it will stop sending new invites as well as follow-up messages. Please use the stop icon to stop an active campaign.

2. Pause.

You have two options. You can pause a campaign or pause sequences.

(A) Pause campaign: Use this if you want to pause sending new invites but continue sending follow up messages.

(B) Pause Sequences: Use this if you want to pause the follow-up messages of a completed campaign.

3. Resume campaign.

Please use the play icon to resume a stopped or a paused campaign

4. Set campaign as pending.

You can set a paused or a stopped campaign as pending using the calendar icon.

Multiple pending campaigns

If you have multiple pending campaigns, they activate based on “First created, First active” rule. Example: You created campaign A at 10.00 AM, campaign B at 11.00 AM and, campaign C at 12.00 PM. The Campaigns A, B, and C will appear in pending status and will activate in the same order in which they were created.

However, if you want to jump the order and activate campaign C, you can pause campaigns A and B. 

You can also set the paused campaigns as pending in the order you want them to activate.

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