Some times people add abbreviations, degrees, symbols, emojis, etc. in their profile name. See the examples below:

These additional characters, words, or images can upset the name personalizations that you choose while setting up your automated messages. 

For example, if you are personalizing by the first name, and there is a symbol before the first name. Your message will appear as “Hi ★ " instead of “Hi Tony.” Such a message can look very embarrassing and also hurt your invite acceptance rate or reply rate.

We-Connect offers you a unique feature to edit such LinkedIn profile names before you launch your campaign. You can easily change the names as you want by following these steps.

  1. Click the Edit button next to the name field. 

2. Edit the name and click the save button.

3. Now the edited name will appear on the LinkedIn profile.

Notice that in the above example, the flower icon and the (Annie) abbreviation has been successfully removed. You can now safely send the message with the first name personalization.

You can make such edits to the LinkedIn profile names from your "saved search" or from your "contacts tab" within your campaign manager.

Happy Prospecting!

Release Date: 10-12-19

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