Here is how to set up a " Message 1st Connections campaign"

Before starting to create the campaign, please save your search and message templates. Given below are the steps for saving a 1st connection search from Sales Navigator.

Step 1: Hover your mouse over "Advanced" button and then click "search for leads".

Step 2: Select 1st degree connections in the relationship box. You can now select any other search filters provided by Sales Navigator. In this example we have selected " California: as geography. You can select multiple filters if you want. Finally hit the search button.

Step 3:  Give your search a name in the pop-up window and click the green checkmark.

Step 4: Close the search pop up window.

Step 5: The URL that instantly appears on your Sales Navigator has a very long string and is not the correct URL. Hover your mouse over the "Saved Searches" button and select the name of the  search that you saved.

Step 6. Notice the search URL string changed and is shorter than the previous one. This is the correct URL. Please copy it.

Step 7:  Select the "Search 1st Connections" tab, paste this URL in the search bar and click search.

Step 8:  We-Connect will start fetching all the search results. It may take a few minutes. Meanwhile click "Save As" to save your search.

Step 9: Give your search a name and click save.

Step 10:  Once the search is saved it will appear in your saved search folder here. Click "Add New Campaign"

Step 11:  Name your campaign, select " Message 1st connections" from the drop down and click 'save and continue"

Step 12: Write your message or choose from previously saved templates. Add personalization like {First Name} etc from the button below. You can ddd up to ten follow up messages. However, we recommend up to five follow up messages for mast cases.  Save and continue.

Step 13:  Choose your campaign settings. If you need help with scheduling time, please refer this article. Save and continue.

Step 14:  Review your campaign set up by clicking the + icon to expand each section. Save campaign.

Step 15: Final step. Launch campaign. It will appear in your campaign manager. The campaign will become active per the time schedule you have chosen. If there is another active campaign, this campaign will show up in pending status. It will automatically become active when the previously active campaign completes.


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