We made the following three updates in the We-Connect App based on our user's feedback.

1. Renamed two campaign types

(1) "Add Connections" has been renamed to "Invite New Connections."
(2) "Send Messages" has been renamed to "Message 1st Connections."

Both the campaigns will have the same functionality as before. They have just been renamed to bring clarity and eliminate guesswork about the purpose of these campaigns. 

2. Added "Pause Sequences" button: You can now stop the follow-up sequences from a completed campaign by clicking "Pause Campaign" button.

3. Send up to 10 follow-up messages: Until now, you could send up to five follow up messages. From today onwards, you will be able to send up to ten follow-up messages for both "Invite new connections" & "Message 1st connection" type of campaigns.

We continue to look forward to your feedback so that we can keep improving We-Connect.


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