Tags are a great way for grouping or segmenting your contacts and messages. You can group contacts by  industry, geography, size or any other way you would like to group them like VIP, Agency, Hot Lead, Gifts, etc. You can get creative and create multiple tags relevant to your business. You can assign more than one tag to each contact and also delete tags whenever you want.

You can create tags from the messages tab, replies tab and my network tab.  Here is how you can create and delete tags

1. From "My Network tab". Click the Tags button or dropdown. 

2. From Messages Tab

3. From "Replies" tab


The process is the same from whichever page you are creating a tag. Click the spacebar below the "Add new tags"

Type in the name of a new tag. Once you stop writing the tag name will appear below the spacebar along with any previously created tags. Select the tag name you want from the dropdown. Click save and close the window.

You will now see the tag associated with the contact.

You can also delete the tag  by clicking the X sign next to the tag.

How to search by Tag

1. You can search for tags from the messages tab, replies tab and my network tab.

Search from "My Network Tab"

2. Search from "Messages" Tab

3. Search from "Replies" Tab

Exporting tagged contacts

Please read this article on how you can export your tagged contacts. It contains videos on exporting tagged contacts.

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