1. From your home screen, click the outreach button.

2. From your campaign Manager, click the add new button.

3. Give your campaign a name, select campaign type, and select prospects from the saved search. You should have saved a search in order for it to see it in the dropdown here. There is a separate article on how to perform and save a search.

4. Save and continue.

5. Set the "Daily Visit Profile Limit" & the "Delay between each Profile Visit. Please refer to the safe usage guideline article.

6. Schedule Time. The default time is set at Mon-Fri, 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM EST. You can add multiple time schedules for each campaign. Once saved, it appears in the drop-down for easy selection. If you need help on how to set new time schedules, please see this article.

7. Save & Continue.

8. Review your campaign set up.

9. Click Send Campaign.

10. Click the “launch now” on the pop-up window.

11. The campaign will now appear in your Campaign Manager

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