You can get email email notifications whenever you get a reply from someone in your campaign. The email notifications contain the name of the person, campaign name and the actual text of the response. 

For customers on agency plan, the email notification will additionally contain the account name so that agency admin can quickly locate the respective client’s a/c. The email notifications will be delivered only to the admin’s email a/c.

This feature will help you save time as it eliminates the need to check We-Connect or LinkedIn multiple times a day for new replies/leads. 

The email notifications will be delivered to the email a/c associated with your LinkedIn a/c. In case you do not check that email regularly, please set up a forward to your primary email a/c and also add [email protected] to your contact list. All customers who have unsubscribed from We-Connect emails will not get such notifications.

If you do not want these notifications, you can turn them off from the notifications tab on your settings page.

Happy networking!

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