You can use We-Connect to manage multiple clients by subscribing to our agency plans. Once you are in the agency a/c, you can add clients (users) and manage them by switching users from one single dashboard. There is no need to open multiple browsers tabs, desktops, incognito windows, memorize or save each clients login credentials.  It completely eliminates the need for signing in-out for each client a/c.  

The admin can manage all users from one dashboard. The admin has the same rights as each individual user. In other words, the Admin can view, create, edit, pause campaigns. It is a huge time saver for the agencies and offers a seamless workflow. 

The agency plans start with a minimum of two seats (including Admin seat) and Thereafter you can add as many individual clients when required. 

Login to We-Connect

Please log in to We-connect if you already have an account, if not just create a new account and log in. Please remember whichever account you use to upgrade to Agency will become the admin account.

Upgrade to the agency plan

1. Click on the billing icon on the left navigation bar. It will take you to the plans page by default.
2. Select the Agency Monthly or Agency Annual plan from the dropdown.
3. Select the number of seat you want to purchase. You will start to see discounted pricing from 26th seat. You can get additional two months off on annual plans.
4. Input the rest of the details and click pay.

Here is the screenshot.

Once you complete the payment, you will be upgraded to the Agency plan you selected .Check your plan, it will now reflect the number of seats you purchased. (Please refresh your browser if you do not see the number of seats you purchased)
Here is the screenshot.

Add new users or existing we-connect users.

Before you add a new client that does not have an existing we-connect account, please make sure.
A. You can access the security PIN sent by LinkedIn. The security PIN is sent directly by Linkedin to the primary email associated with the LinkedIn account. The PIN validity is only 10 minutes. You will need to enter the PIN on the pop-up displayed on We-Connect within 10 minutes.

B. It’s best to try to create a new we-connect account from an Incognito window of your browser.

Once you are ready follow these steps:

Go to user management and click "add new" button.

Here is a video of how to add users. The process of adding users can take between 1-3 minutes.

Switch Accounts

You can now easily switch between accounts by clicking the switch icon on the top right.

As you hover your mouse on the switch icon you will see your users in the window with a scroll bar. A search bar is also provided for you to easily search your users.

See below.

Once you select the client, you will be taken directly to that a/c. You can switch back and forth as you want.

Deleting clients

You can delete you clients from the user management. Simply click the trash can icon against the name of the user that you want to delete. 

Once you delete a client, all account data will be deleted. A delete action also frees up your license. You can add another client if you need. However deleting your account does not reduce your charges. If you want to downgrade your account, you need to go to your plans page under billing and downgrade to the number of seats you need. Please see this article on how to downgrade your plan.


Agency plan starts with minimum two seats at the same price as individual seat. We do not offer free trial for the agency version. Volume discounts are available and applied automatically to your account if you have 25 plus seats. You can select the number seats and see the price before you purchase.

Please feel free to chat with us if you have any questions.

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