1. The default time zone is set to Monday - Friday from 8.00 AM to 5.00 pm Eastern Time. In order to change the default time click the + icon.

   2. A new window will pop up. Please click Add New.

  3. From the dropdown, select the time zone you want. For example Pacific          Time.

  4. Next, select the days you want to send the campaign. You can turn the days ON/OFF by clicking on each day. Green color indicates ON for that day.

  5. Next, schedule time by clicking on the clock. Make sure to select start and end time.

  6. Next, give a name to your schedule. For example PST-M-F-8AM-5PM and click save.

  7. Your new schedule time will show up  here. You can click save and continue to carry on with your campaign setting.

  8. All your saved schedules will show up here. And you can quickly pick from the drop down for future campaigns.

Pro Tip: Try to send campaign mostly during business hours and occasionally during non  business hours. The idea is to mimic human behavior. 

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