We-Connect offers 5 different campaign types to accelerate your networking. But, we recommend using the below 3 type of campaigns to get familiar. These campaigns will benefit you the most while you are exploring We-Connect.

  1. Invite New Connections: Save search of up-to 200 contacts. Write personalized and effective messages of up-to 300 characters. Launch campaign. We-Connect will send a max of 100 invites/day. [Campaign time - 2 days].

  2. Message 1st connections: Save search of up to 250 first degree connections. Write personalized and effective messages. Launch campaign. We-Connect will send a max of 125 messages/day [Campaign time - 2 days]. In case you don't have enough 1st degree connections, you can run "Make New Connections" campaign with about 50 connections/day. That way your campaign will run for about 4 days.

  3. Auto Visit Profiles: This is a great way to get invites instead of sending one. Save search of up-to 250 contacts. Launch campaign. We-Connect will visit a max of 125 profiles on your behalf. The contacts you are targeting will see your name under " Who's viewed your profile" prompting them to check you out. In return you may gain some new connection requests. [Campaign time: 2 days]

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