Cancel Subscription ( Individual Plan)

You can cancel your subscription anytime directly from your settings page. 

Once you cancel, you will not be billed further from next billing cycle. Your account will expire and move to a free trial plan. You will still be able to access your account but not perform any activities from We-Connect. Your account will also stop syncing with your LinkedIn account. You will also lose access to your campaign, saved list and stats. We will retain your data in case you want to subscribe again later.  

If your account is already expired, please click your profile image on the top right and click "My Account". You will then see the option to cancel your account.

A "Delete Account" button becomes available after your cancel your subscription in case you want to completely remove your account from We-Connect. See below.

Delete Account ( Individual Plan)

You can also choose to delete your account from your profile page by clicking the  delete account button. This action will permanently delete all your data, history and your subscription. 

Pause account and resume

You can pause your account by clicking the gear icon on the dashboard. This actions stops all your activities and campaigns from We-Connect. It stops syncing with your LinkedIn account. This action does not cancel your subscription and it does not pause your billing.

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