1. Click search from your home screen’s top navigation.

2. Select the correct search Tab. LinkedIn search URL method is selected as the default. If you are uploading a CSV file, please select the CSV tab. ( Instructions for uploading the CSV file are given at the bottom of this article)

3. Copy and paste the LinkedIn search URL string in the search bar. (You should have already created a search directly on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator)

4. Select one of the options below the search bar. Select 1st connections if your search contains existing connections and 2nd connections if your search contains new connections.

5. If you are using Sales Navigator, you can also save the search first. Then copy-paste the saved search URL in the same search box shown above. (See this article on how to save a search on sales navigator?)

6. The search will display up to 2500 results if you are using Sales Navigator and 1000 if you are using a free LinkedIn account. Unnamed profiles i.e., "LinkedIn members," will not be included since you can not invite unnamed or anonymous contacts. Your search count will also vary in case you are comparing the LinkedIn search count with the We-Connect search count because We-Connect's search does not count the anonymous profiles.

7. The search results may take about 10 minutes to display all your results.

8. You don't need to wait here. Please save the search by clicking the "Save" icon. Once you click this icon, you will be able to give a name to your search on the next screen. You can compose your message and save your message templates while your search is loading in the background.

9. We-Connect saves the search URL for you in case you want to review it later.

10. You can also hit the “Cancel” button in case you want to cancel the search midway.


CSV file upload.
 Please read this article to learn more about how a CSV file upload method works.

Search Best Practice

We also recommend reading this  article for best practices.

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