How to track the campaign’s progress and edit a campaign?

  1. Click the  “Outreach” icon on the left-side navigation bar in your app. Then click on the campaign name  you want to review.

2. You are now in the campaign overview page that has five sections/tabs. The default view is of the "overview" section which provides high-level details along with stats and progress charts.

3. Contacts section provides a list of all the contacts that belong to a specific campaign along with the status of each contact. Clicking on the contact highlights the bio of the respective contact on the right side panel. You can also search for an individual contact by typing the name in the search bar. If you want to remove the contact from the campaign, just select the checkbox on the left of the contact and click delete ( trash icon) on the top right of the screen. Similarly you can also blacklist contacts. The trash icon and blacklist icon appears once you make a selection. You can also use "select all" or "select current" page to bulk delete, blacklist or tag contacts. Contact download and tagging options are also available.

You can also sort contacts by status by clicking the "All contacts" dropdown. All contacts will have on these status - pending, connected, invited, failed, removed and blacklisted.

4. Replies: You can tweak multiple actions from here (a) Mark the replies as Lead or unread directly by clicking on the below icons  (b) Mark them as unread, lead, follow-up or archive from the drop-down. Just click on the ellipsis icon (three dots) to open the drop-down selection. You also have the option to show oldest messages on the top or show newest messages on top.

You can (c) sort your replies by newest, unread, leads, Follow-ups and archived by selecting from the drop-down button on the left side panel. See below.

You can also (d) reply directly (e) resume sequence (f) view experience (g) take notes (e) add Tags

5. Sequences tab displays all the messaging included in the campaign. You can edit or add the messaging from this screen.

Once you start editing the message a save button will appear automatically. Click save once you are done editing your message.

6. Settings: You can review and edit the settings including daily connection limits, follow up limits, and campaign schedules from this screen. Click the save to confirm the changes to your campaign.

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