You can export campaign reports and other profile data in a CSV file. Below is the description of all the data fields and the type of data included in the CSV download.

1. Campaign report containing profile data:

The CSV report contains the following data fields. 

  1. First Name

  2.  Middle Name

  3. Last Name

  4. LinkedIn profile URL

  5. Job Title

  6. Company

  7. Education

  8. Location

  9. Address

  10. Industry

  11. Website

  12. Twitter Handle

  13. Email ( For 1st connections gathered through We-Connect campaigns)- Available only to LinkedIn premium, sales navigator and recruiter lite users.

  14. Phone - Available only to LinkedIn premium, sales navigator and recruiter lite users.

  15. Number of connections

  16. Time stamp: Connected At: MM/DD/YYYY - Hour-Minute-AM/PM

  17. Time Stamp: Invited At: MM/DD/YYYY - Hour-Minute-AM/PM

Please note that certain data is available only if the contact has chosen to make their information publicly available on LinkedIn. Specifically, the data from point # 5 to point #14 ( Job Title to Phone) are available only if the contact has made it publicly available in their LinkedIn settings.
Such data is also available for contacts whose status shows completed. In other words, if the "status" is canceled or pending, specific data like email and phone will not be available. 

It is best to wait until the campaign completion if you want to export all data fields.

How to export the data:

Go to the campaign manager and select the campaign for which you want to export the data. Click the three ellipsis icon and then click the export button. The data will get downloaded as a CSV file on your device.


You can also export basic profile data from saved search.

2. Saved Search: You can get basic data like First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, LinkedIn Profile URL, Title & Company Name.

3. My Network ( 1st Connections)
All the above 14 data fields plus number of connections of your 1st connections.

How to export

4. How to export Campaign stats:

Please see this article.

5. How to export tagged contacts

Please see this article


Status: This shows the campaign status for each profile in your campaign. For example, connected, invited, failed.

Connected: This column indicates whether the contact has accepted your invite request or not. If connected, you can also see the time stamp of when the invite was accepted.

Messaged: This column indicates if a message to this contact has been sent or not.

Replied: This column indicates if the contact has replied to your message or not.

Endorsed: This column indicates if the contact has been "endorsed" or not.

Followed: This column indicates if the contact has been "followed" or not.

All the data included in the reports gets generated from the campaigns you run via We-connect. The data for the actions you take directly on LinkedIn is not contained in the CSV report.

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