It really depends on your account history i.e. how long you had the account established, how many connections you have etc.

We recommend the following as a guideline per day (day = 24 hour period):

New Invites: Not more than 100/day if you have a long established account ( 10-25/day  if you are starting new). If you are starting with a brand new LinkedIn a/c, please get about 100 1st connections before using any automation tool.

Messaging existing connections:
Not more than 100/day for new campaign. Total 250/day including follow up messages from completed campaigns. In case the total exceeds 250 messages/day, the overflow number will be sent the next day.

Endorsing Skills: Not more than 50/day.

Auto Visit Profiles: Not more than 100/ day

Auto Follow Profiles: Not more than 100/day

One campaign at a time: You can set up multiple campaigns but can run only one campaign at a time. While your 1st campaign is active the other campaigns will show up as pending status. Once the active campaign completes, the pending campaign will start automatically. 

If you want to switch between campaigns, you can manually pause the active campaign and start any of the pending campaign.

Sleep Mode: We-Connect software needs to sleep for a minimum duration of 8 hours for every 24 hours. Consider it as regular sleep hours of a human being. The default sleep mode is from 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM Eastern Time. However, you can customize the sleep mode hours to your schedule. Please read this article to learn how to change the sleep mode hours.

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