We-Connect offers five different campaign types to accelerate your networking. You can try all of them as long as they are within the recommended usage limits. Also, please note that you can save a maximum of 2500 contacts in a search if you are using Sales Navigator and up to 1000 contacts if you are using a regular Linkedin account.

If you want to try just one campaign to invite new connections, you can send up to 100 requests a day for 14 days. You may also decide to try multiple campaigns during your free trial. You need to reduce the numbers in your settings or consider setting up smaller campaigns with fewer contacts in your saved search.

The choice is yours, and you have all the options. There are no restrictions during your free trial. Here is one idea, if you want to try three different types of campaigns during your free trial.

  1. Invite New Connections: Save search of up-to 200 contacts. Write personalized and effective messages of up to 300 characters — launch campaign. We-Connect will send a max of 100 invites/day. [Campaign time - 2 days].

  2. Message 1st connections: Save search of up-to 250 first degree connections. Write personalized and compelling words. Launch campaign. We-Connect will send a max of 125 messages/day [Campaign time - 2 days]. In case you don't have enough 1st-degree connections, you can run "invite new connections" campaign with about 50 connections/day. That way, your campaign will run for about four days.

  3. Auto Visit Profiles: This is a great way to get invites instead of sending invites. Save search of up-to 250 contacts — launch campaign. We-Connect will visit a max of 125 profiles on your behalf. The people you are targeting will see your name under " Who's viewed your profile," prompting them to check you out. In return, you may gain some new connection requests. [Campaign time: 2 days]

Happy Networking !

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