We-Connect works with a free LinkedIn account. However, free LinkedIn imposes specific usage restrictions like commercial use limits on free users. The commercial use limit restricts the number of profiles someone can search and hence the ability to run campaigns on We-Connect to its full potential.

If you intend to use any kind of automation and also want to keep your LinkedIn account safe it is a good idea to invest in any LinkedIn premium subscription like Sales Navigator or Recruiter lite.

We recommend getting a premium LinkedIn or sales navigator subscription.

Here are the main benefits:

  1. Higher usage limits with We-Connect. Please see this article for usage limits.

  2. Premium search filters: Sales Navigator has about 12 extra search filters. These additional filters help create targeted searches. See this article from LinkedIn.

  3. Save larger lists: With a premium or a sales navigator, you can save a list of up to 2500 contacts compared to 1000 contacts with a free LinkedIn account.

  4. Ability to save more than one search per day in We-Connect.

  5. Fewer Captchas: You are likely to get fewer captchas, thereby reducing we-connect downtime and increasing the number of daily invites and messages sent.

  6. Ability to get email and phone numbers of 1st connections gathered through We-Connect campaigns.

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