Does We-Connect work with a free LinkedIn account? Do I need a Sales Navigator subscription?

We-Connect works perfectly fine with a free LinkedIn account. You can use all features of We-Connect with a free LinkedIn account. However, free LinkedIn accounts have specific usage restrictions like commercial use limits. The commercial use limit restricts the number of profiles someone can search.

We recommend getting a premium LinkedIn or sales navigator subscription.

Here are the main benefits:

  1. Premium search filters: Sales Navigator has about 12 extra search filters. These additional filters help create targeted searches. See this article from Linkedin.

  2. Save large lists: With a premium or a sales navigator, you can save a list of up to 2500 contacts compared to 1000 contacts with a free LinkedIn account.

  3. Higher sending limits: With We-Connect. Please see this article for sending limits.

  4. Fewer Captchas: You are likely to get fewer captchas, thereby reducing we-connect downtime and increasing the number of daily invites and messages sent.

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